The illusion that brings on rage and aggression

road rage

For many people trying to find a car space in the school yard can be difficult. You kinda get used to the chaotic parking and manic driving as parents all come together in limited space to collect their darlings from school. Most people realise this commotion goes with the territory. and endeavour to be tolerant and clam Monday for me is grandchildren day. I become a taxi driver taking them to gymnastics , dropping them off and picking them up from school. Just usual stuff but great to be a … [Read more...]

Step Up and Step In to Your Big Beautiful Life

A big beautiful life

Can you imagine stepping up and stepping into a big beautiful life this 2014. And I am not talking about making New Year resolutions or making a big list of S-M-A-R-T goals. I am talking about experiencing beautiful effortless living - grounded in confidence -connected to your innate well-being - clarity of direction - freedom of choice - courage of convictions - living free and fearless.   How often are these little tragedies repeated in your life?  The to do list that … [Read more...]

A Course in Miracles – lesson 303

The Holy Christ is born in me today. Watch with me, angels, watch with me today. Let all God's holy Thoughts surround me and be still with me while Heaven's Son is born. Let earthly sounds be quiet, and the sights to which I am accustomed disappear. Let Christ be welcomed where He is at home. And let Him hear the sounds He understands, and see but sights that show His Father's Love. Let Him no longer be a stranger here, for He is born again in me today. Your Son is welcome, … [Read more...]

A beautiful Encounter with a beautiful Soul

beautiful “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.” ― William W. Purkey   I had a beautiful encounter with a beautiful soul to day and my heart melted with compassion As the tears flowed I saw myself long ago crying with similar pain and confusion. And this beautiful woman knew nothing about Who she was or how she … [Read more...]

Alison Lapper pregnant – Real Beauty

In September I spent a week in the beautiful city of Venice. I loved everything about it. It was so beautiful - breathtakingly beautiful. Everything was perfect -accommodation - weather - food - scenery - it  all lived up to our expectations. We loved taking  the water bus down the grand canal and wondered how on earth did they build this city. At St.Mark's square we walked around with thousands of other tourists enjoying the brilliance of the architecture and history. Visitors … [Read more...]